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ISH’s dedication to its residents’ safety, support and happiness is second to none. Between them, the Dean of Student Life, Duty Managers and Resident Advisers make an effective and caring team whose job it is to support you during your time here.

The Dean

The Dean of Student Life is Dr Sharon Bolton. She provides confidential welfare support to residents, no matter the issue. Whether it’s navigating new bank accounts and phone contracts to serious mental health issues, Sharon is a sympathetic and non-judgemental source of support to residents. You can book appointments to meet face to face, email her at or, if urgent, phone +44 (0) 20 7631 8366.


Resident Advisers

Every floor has a Resident Adviser - students that ISH trains and uses as a contact point with everyone. The RAs do everything from organise floor events where everyone gets to know each other to drinking tea with you at 4am when you miss home and family. They’ll come and introduce themselves soon after you move in and explain more about what they do.

They understand the pressures and difficulties of living away from home and studying at university and want to help you however and whenever they can. You can ask for whatever you discuss with your RA to stay confidential. For most problems, speak to your RA first - if they can’t sort the problem, they can point you towards someone who can.

Other support

As a student in London, you will also have welfare support at your university. If you need help understanding how to access this or what they can do for you, talk to the Dean or your RA. Your RA will also be able to help you register for free healthcare through the UK National Health Service and explain how it works.