About our scholarships

International Students House Residential Scholarship Scheme has grown immensely since it started in 1992. Last year we provided 50 scholarships to students who otherwise would have no means of living and studying in London. We are immensely proud of all of our scholars and we are absolutely thrilled to be able to say that combined with our partners the scheme is now worth over £1M a year.

We provide a range of Residential Scholarships which provide free accommodation at ISH for up to a year and in exceptional circumstances up to three years.

All of our scholarships are designed to give students from financially disadvantaged backgrounds an opportunity to study in London and to acquire skills and training that will allow them, when they return home, to work and aid their country’s development.

Scholar stories

How to apply

In 2017/18, all scholarship applications must be made through our institutional partners (usually London-based universities). For details of the universities working in partnership with ISH and the scholarships available, go to: https://ish.org.uk/student-zone/scholarship/available-scholarships/

If you have any questions about ISH scholarships please email scholarships@ish.org.uk

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