Ms Ranjita Rajan

Ranjita Rajan (Trustee & Founder, The Karta Initiative)

The first ten years of childhood, spent in a rural, remote corner of Liberia, taught me that accident of birth is a key determinant of life outcomes.  My own “accident” resulted in several years with great organisations (e.g. McKinsey, ODI, University of Oxford, DAI) in multiple geographies (e.g. Canada, Chile, India, Latvia, Spain, Uganda, UK, USA), and an MSc Econ from the LSE.  Founding The Karta Initiative was a step into uncharted territory: to focus multi-country experience in the business, policy, philanthropic and education sectors on overturning the paradigm that talent is everywhere whereas opportunity is not.  Today Karta is a movement, catalysing individuals and organisations to widen access to world-class opportunities for the “bottom billion’s” youth.  It’s a delight to witness the unfurling of life outcomes for youth with potential, who display a “we not me” attitude, behaving as co-owners of Karta.  Serving as an ISH Governor is an honour: a natural extension of a quest for inclusive prosperity and social mobility, locally and globally.