Making a difference

We strive to make a difference in everything we do. We support students emotionally, financially and socially to help them achieve the academic, personal and leadership aims that have brought them to the United Kingdom. We create an environment that promotes diversity and enables people to make friends from different cultures and learn from each other.  This learning and increased understanding contributes to better international relations. 

We house over 600 residents in our affordable student accommodation; male and female, undergraduates and postgraduates, single and married students and some with children. This year we again have students from around 100 nations living under one roof representing such countries as Albania, Australia, Burma, Butan, Congo, Madagascar, Mongolia, Peru, Trinidad, Uruguay, USA and Zimbabwe as well as many British students. They are studying almost every academic discipline under the sun at 60 different degree awarding institutions making us the most diverse student residence in the UK.

We also have over 60,000 non-resident student members that have a membership to the house through their university. Virtually every institution of higher education in London is a member of our International Partnership Scheme which means their students can use our facilities and services simply by showing their university ID card.   It is the people that fill the building that make it what is is- a home away from home for thousands of students from around the globe.

We provide around 45 scholarships per year to academically brilliant students that would otherwise not have the opportunity to study in London. The main emphasis of our scholarship programme is on socio-economic need and academic excellence. All scholars are expected to return to their home country with enhanced skills to assist in their country’s development. Our scholarship programme changes peoples’ lives and when those students return back to their countries with enhanced skills they can make a significant contribution to development by using their expertise and knowledge to develop their countries future, they can change their nation. Our scholarships programme helps to strengthen the intellectual infrastructure of developing countries; a truly sustainable form international aid.

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