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Free Breakfast
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We aim to provide an affordable home-from-home for international and UK students reinforced by a social and cultural programme to encourage international friendships'.


Single Room


Single en-suite room

Single ensuite-shortstay

Single en-suite (Premium)

Quad Room

Price per person

Twin en-suite room

Price per person

Twin en-suite (Premium)

Price per person

Prices Comparison Table

Great Portland Street and Wills House
Daily Rate Weekly rate

First instalment(14/09/2019 –


Second Instalment(01/02/2020 –


Whole Contract(14/09/2019 –


Premium Single En-Suite Room £37,97 £265.79



Single En-Suite Room £32,27 £226.59



Single Room £29,85 £208.95



Premium Twin En-Suite Room £28,51 £199.57



Twin En-Suite Room £22,86 £160.02



Mini-Flat Shared Twin Room £22,86 £160.02



Quad Room £12,68 £88.76





*First term

(14/09/2019 – 14/12/2019)



(14/12/2019 –


*Second term

(04/01/2020 –




(04/04/2020 –


*Third term

(25/04/2020 –



91 nights

21 nights 91 nights 21 nights 56 nights


Additional fees included in the first instalment:

– Room Key Deposit of £10.00


** This price is for 40 weeks and incorporates all three terms, the holidays and additional fees

All dates are inclusive

The first instalment must be paid and cleared in our account by 1st September 2019.

The second instalment to be paid and cleared in our account by the 1st December 2019

We conduct visits between 11 am and 12 pm either Tuesdays or Thursdays, you don’t need to book an appointment. Just show up on either of the days between these times and we can show you our facilities. Room availability cannot be guaranteed as it is not our policy to show occupied rooms. We can show you whatever room we have vacant, this may not be an en-suite. If you are not able to visit us please feel free to check our 3D virtual tour.

What's included:

  • 1 bed per resident (single size)
  • 1 chair per resident
  • 1 study desk per resident
  • 1 wardrobe per resident
  • 1 bedside table per resident
  • 1 desk lamp per resident
  • 1 pack of bed linens per resident
  • 1 duvet and 2 pillows per resident
  • Each room will have a sink
  • Each room will have fridge
  • Each resident will receive complimentary breakfast
  • Access to shared bathroom (sink, toilet, shower)
  • Access to shared kitchen
  • Access to shared laundry room
  • Access to WiFi and ethernet port

What add-ons can you buy:

  • Kitchen Pack – £40
  • Linen Set – £14
  • Bath Towel – £10,50
  • Linen + Towel – £24
  • Kitchen Pack + Towel – £50
  • Kitchen Pack + Linen – £54
  • Kitchen Pack + Towel + Linen – £64


Transfers to and from London airports are available to be pre-booked through us.

Heathrow is 1 hour away by car or 20 minutes from Paddington by Heathrow Express

Gatwick & Luton are on the direct train from Kings Cross St Pancras station, 2 stops away

Stansted is 45 minutes away by train from London Liverpool Street station

A coach service also serves London airports from Victoria Coach Station, 30 minutes away.



“The easy connections to public transport and nearby main stations make ISH easy to get at from anywhere in London”

Mario, Peru


“Personally I really enjoyed spending time in Regent’s Park, just walking around listening to music and enjoying nature.”

Bhoomi, India


“Security has never been a worry for me throughout my time here – it’s very safe”

Layla, Britain.

“I’m so happy to have shared a room with a wonderful person who has since become a real friend. Living with a roommate is an experience I definitely recommend to all international students”

Anna, Poland.


In order to live at ISH you have to submit an application. Follow these steps:

  1. Register on Starrez platform and create an account
  2. Go to the”application section
  3. Fill in the form with your personal data and attach your documents
  4. Wait for the confirmation email

Check out what it is like being a resident at ish