Goats Reunions

As the Goats Club is a global network of people, reunions around the world are vital to keep the network alive. We rely mostly on our Goats Ambassadors but anyone can host a reunion, just send us a few photos and tell us about it.

Goats Reunions – Worldwide 2015

Goats reunion Melbourne 2015

Melbourne, Australia, 25 January 2015

Fred Hayes has been doing an incredible job in Australia, getting together the Goats in Aus.
This was his second reunion, the first was in Sydney in 2014.








Toronto, Canada, 25 March and 1 July 2015

Goats Reunio Toronto 1-07-2015
Our newly appointed Goats Ambassador in Canada Susan Makin has managed to get Canadian Goats together on two occasions, the 25 March and 1 July 2015. Here are is a photo from the event on 1 July and a video of the event on 25 March.

Why not host a reunion where you are?

Get in touch with the Goats Team goats@ish.org.uk


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