Goats History

‘Goats’ is the name given to the members of International Students House’s Alumni Association –  The Goats Club.

Started by Mary Trevelyan in October 1956 as a club for international students, it inspired Mary Trevelyan to create a House for International students and ISH followed 10 years later.

Goats are both club members, and former and current residents of International Students House.

The name ‘Goats’ came about after Mary’s chance meeting with a group of African students, who mentioned to her that they would be ‘lost goats’ in London without her.

There are currently over 6,000 Goats members, some of whom are in the UK but the majority are spread all around the world.

The Goats Club is an international network that keeps it members united and continues Mary Trevelyan’s misson that global friendships promote cultural understanding and peace.

Goats: A History of International Students House

In 1983 a book ‘Goats: A History of International Students House, London ‘was written by the late A. Adu Boahen.

John Wolfe, President of Goats International, has completed the updated version which includes the 1983 text and photos. Copies are available for £4.99 plus postage and packing. Contact alumni@ish.org.uk with your order.

 Mary Trevelyan

Notable Alumni – It begins with the first Goats and the first residents to walk in the door in 1965 and continues with people coming back to stay as postgraduate students, doctorate students and with their families. It shines a light on the fond feelings so many alumni from around the world have for International Students House decades after they have left. It is a testament to the vision and ideals of Mary Trevelyan.

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