Goats Executive committee

The Goats committee members are elected volunteers who are passionate about being Goats and being alumni of International Student House.

The Goats committee works to maintain the goals and mission of Goats:

  1. To help current ISH residents and Goats to achieve their academic and personal aims.
  2. To continue to offer the best possible opportunities for Goats to experience British society and to create an atmosphere that promotes international cultural exchanges.
  3. To provide Goats opportunities to broaden their horizons, to maintain old friendships and build new ones through their continued affiliation with Goats and ISH.
  4. To support ISH and its aims and objectives to enable it to continue to make an effective contribution to better international relations.

To find out more about the members click on the images below.

President of the Goats Committee


Vice Presidents of the Goats Committee

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