University Membership Benefits

We organise daytrips and weekends around the UK and Europe.
Subsidised up to 60%!

Students from member universities can apply for a grant or loan in times of need*

In 2017/18 we will increase our scholarships from 50 to 90 in collaboration with university partners


Culture and Education
We offer a range of cultural and educational workshops, talks and sessions aimed to make everything accessible to all. Meet an impressive array of entrepreneurs, creatives, bright thinkers and incredible individuals who will offer you their unique perspectives for free.
Bars and Live
We have 3 bars and a stunning live music venue.
We have frequent student take-overs and a mixed program of club and gig nights on offer.
Community and Social
ISH’s aim is to create a home from home and to forge an international community in London.
We host various kinds of social events (even on Christmas Day) to draw in people from all walks of life.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email or call us on +44 (0) 2076318300


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What our members say


I love offering ISH membership to our international students. As a small organisation, it is wonderful for our students to have access to the wide range of ISH services including the ability to join the Travel Club, participate in cultural events and use the facilities at ISH. I am sure that this enriches their time in London. The team at ISH have always been delightful to work with and I hope this partnership continues to go from strength to strength

Rachel Alcock
Student Life Coordinator
Foundation of International Education


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