Accommodation scholarships

At International Students House we provide a scholarship scheme. Every year we provide free accommodation for up to 50 international students from developing countries, who otherwise would have no means of studying or living in London.

We work in partnership with member universities to grant scholarships, where tuition fees are covered by the university and accommodation is provided by us. Free accommodation can be granted for up to a year, and in exceptional circumstances this can be extended to three years.

Our scholarships are designed to give international students, who have demonstrated academic excellence an opportunity to study in London and to acquire skills and training that will allow them, when they return home, to work and aid their country’s development.

Scholar stories

How to apply

In 2016/17, all scholarship applications must be made through our institutional partners (usually London-based universities).

If you have any questions about ISH scholarships please email

Help us provide more scholarships

To fund these scholarships we rely on income generated from our facilities and on the support of friends, supporters and alumni of International Students House. If you’d like to help us provide more free accommodation scholarships, please feel free to leave a donation.

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