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🐐 Ambassadors

We want to keep Goats constantly engaged with each other and the activities of the House.  Are you interested in sharing your experiences and memories with other Goats? Would you like to put together a regional reunion? Get in touch with a Goats Ambassador for your country to find out more about what’s happening near you.

 If you’d like to help us by becoming a Goats Ambassador and herding Goats closer to home, then please get in touch with the Goats Office by emailing or calling +44 (0) 20 7631 8384.

Meet our Ambassadors from all over the world: 

 USA, Wisconsin - Lybra (Libby) Olbrantz. “I lived at ISH in Autumn 2011, with what would become lifetime friends from Wisconsin. During that time I fell in love with London, the culture and how everything could be different in just a few blocks or a tube stop away. The International Students House really pushed me into realising my dreams and travelling more. Since living there I’ve lived in Spain, Brazil, Argentina and the US state of Oregon. My favourite things in the world are meeting new people because each person holds a completely new universe inside them and the feeling of being infinite because it makes me feel completely alive.”

Get in touch with Libby by emailing


 USA, Maryland - Carol C. Danoolal. “I lived at ISH between 1987-1992 , during such time Mr. Murray gave me the opportunity to represent Trinidad and Tobago for Commonwealth Day at Westminster Abbey where I met HRH Queen Elizabeth. I went to school at Emile Woolf & Associates Holborn where I studied Banking. I also was the chairperson for the women’s group: duties were to inform new students arriving to London about medical benefits, activities managed by ISH and showing them how to get around the area. I made many friends over the years at ISH leaving me with very pleasant memories. It gives me great pleasure being a Goats Ambassador to keep in touch with other Goats around the world and share fond memories which will be cherished.”

If you would like to contact Carol, please email


USA - Ben Oppenheim. “I was only supposed to be a temporary resident at ISH in the summer of 2002, on a two week stay while hunting for other accommodation. But when a longer-term spot opened up, I jumped at it, and stayed on for an amazing year. While I was studying at the LSE for a master’s in international development, many evenings found me at pub quiz or theme suppers at ISH, or exploring London with new friends from all corners of the world. I’m currently in the San Francisco Bay Area, where I research and consult on international development, conflict, emerging technology, and organizational learning. I get back to London as often as I can to reconnect with the ISH community but would really love to help connect Goats in California and beyond, and to offer a warm welcome to anyone from our community who is passing through.”

If you would like to contact Ben, please email


Canada - Susan Makin. “A Liverpudlian who moved to ‘70s London to go to University, I felt a bit lost in the “big city.” ISH was not like any other residence: provided a sanctuary as well as introduction to the wider world. New friends from all over triggered fresh perspectives and, ultimately, stimulated courage to explore living abroad. “Bleep” years later, whenever I visit London, I think of ISH, but thinking isn’t enough. “Doing” as a Goats Ambassador is an exciting opportunity. I look forward to helping, herding, connecting, and celebrating in and from Toronto and beyond.”

Contact Susan by emailing


Peru - Miguel Ronceros. “Miguel lived at ISH in 2001-2002 while he studied for a Master´s in Law at the London School of Economics. He is proud of studying in London especially as he was one of the first Peruvian law students to pursue post graduate studies in London and nowadays more and more Peruvians are having London as the place to go for postgraduate courses. Miguel has been recently appointed as Goat Ambassador for Peru where he will be spreading the word about the endless opportunities of studying in London and the “home away from home” spirit of ISH.”

Contact Miguel at


Brazil - Rogério Almeida. “I´m Rogério Almeida, a Federal University of Paraíba Associate Professor, Journalist, Physical Therapist and Lawyer. I love to study and to work very much. I have got a Master’s  and a Doctorate´s degree. I lived in London from the year 2000 up to 2003 when I started my Doctorate programme at King´s College, University of London, and then, I became a resident at ISH with my wife Yluska. The International Students House was a lovely place for me and Yluska at that time, and brought us, the marvellous time that foreign students could have in their whole lives. Everything there was perfect, amazing, safe and full of interesting lectures, speeches, parties, festivities and international entertainment for the students in general. In 2002, I received the ISH Laurel Achievement Award for outstanding contribution to the international student’s community in London.

It was a wonderful world in one place, ISH. Whoever lived there or lives there at the moment or belongs to this organization, somehow, does not miss home! Thanks to heaven, there is this place in London to help us.”

You can contact Rogério via email using or Yluska by emailing


Chile - Eduardo Lagos. “Eduardo is a Chilean attorney who enjoyed the opportunities that ISH offered during years 2002-2003, while studying an LL.M. degree in the London School of Economics. He is now professor of Tax Law at the Catholic University of Chile, and Director of the Master of Tax Law program of Universidad Mayor in Santiago. He is also a partner of the Santiago based Law Firm Vicent y Asociados and Director of the Chevening Alumni Association in Chile. Eduardo likes outdoor sports, and is interested in trekking, skiing and sailing. Get in touch with him!”

 If you would like to contact Eduardo, please email


New Zealand - Rajiv Bendre. “Hi, I’m Rajiv Bendre, from India. I lived at ISH from 1975 to 1976, and again from 1979 to 1980, and have kept in close touch with the House ever since. I spent many years working for the British Council in the Middle East and Africa, and have finally retired to my Kiwi wife’s native New Zealand! I travel regularly to India and the UK, and stay at ISH whenever I’m back in Blighty! It will be wonderful to be a Goats Ambassador, and to be a link point for ‘Kiwi Goats’ – DO get in touch with me; especially to plan for next year’s Big Celebration at London Reunion 2018!”

If you’d like to get in touch with Rajiv, his email address is


Australia - Frederick Hayes. “My name is Fred Hayes and I stayed in ISH from February 2011 until August 2012. I had a fantastic time in London and loved my time at ISH. I studied a Masters of Sports Management at London Metropolitan University and worked with Wheelchair Tennis during the London Olympic and Paralympic Games. I have so many fond memories of ISH. There was always something going on and fantastic people in the house to share the going ons with. I will always remember the themed suppers, quiz and karaoke nights and a wide range of other weird and wonderful events which filled the house. I met many amazing people at ISH from every corner of the world! 

I’m currently back in Canberra, Australia working in secondary schools in order to become a High School Science and PE teacher. I look forward to many trips back to London in the future and the opportunity to catch up with ISH Goats around the world. I look forward to be a Goats Ambassador to keep in touch with other Goats around the world and offer a friendly face for any Goats visiting Australia. It is always a pleasure to meet other Goats and here about their experiences in the house!”

To contact Fred, please email


Oceania/Pacific - Enid Westerlund. “I received the Small Island scholarship from the University of Westminster in 2011 and lived at ISH during that time. I was voted to presidency for all the ISH scholars and met many interesting fellow scholars from around the world. ISH is the best located student accommodation in London and coming from a tropical island in the South Pacific, having a view of Regents Park out my window at MTH helped me avoid homesickness.

I’d like to be a Goats Ambassador so I can be a part of a great community like ISH and to connect with others around the world that will make a difference in today’s society. Studying in London has been one of the most memorable experiences in my life and I hope more students from small islands like me get to have the same experience. The friendships that I have made during my time at ISH will continue well into the future and the memories will be long cherished.”

If you’d like to contact Enid, please email


Malaysia - Nari Bhullar. “I lived in GPS in the early 80’s. Having completed my training as a Systems Analyst I lived in Camden Town while working as a Financial Controller on Marylebone Lane. During my stay at GPS, I captained the hockey team and took the team out of the third division. I was also Chairman of the United Nations Society. I returned to Malaysia after completing my MBA and am still in contact with the vast Goats network. I have also worked in Kenya, India, Cambodia and Australia and obviously have met past residents there. Many Goats have visited me in KL and I hope to see as many as possible in April 2018 for the Penang Reunion.”

If you’d like to get in touch with Nari, his email is


Hong Kong - Wendy Fung. “I stayed in ISH from 1988-1989 when I was a second year student at University College London, studying Economics and Statistics.  I really appreciate the excellent opportunity staying in ISH gave me, as it afforded me a chance to concentrate on my studies. It allowed me to work hard in the library on weekends, as well as enabled me to mix with friends from different nationalities and backgrounds and different professions.  I learned how to play squash at ISH, and have loved playing squash ever since then.  I also helped out in the tuck shop and I continue to treasure fond memories of these experiences. After graduating from UCL, I went on to pursue my master’s degree in Economics at Cambridge. During my career, I have worked as an equity analyst, an investment banker and a fund manager. While in these fields, I have gained a valuable skill-set such as having great interpersonal skills, being able to manage well, make important decisions and take responsibility.  I am equipped to deal with extreme pressure on a daily basis. I am now living in Hong Kong but I fly to the UK/ London at least twice or three times a year.

 It is my great honor and appreciation to be Goats Ambassador in Hong Kong and I am looking forward to working with such a great ISH team.  I hope that my experiences will allow me to contribute my utmost to the future Goats activities.”

Contact Wendy via email:


Japan - Henri Vlahovic.


Mauritius - Ali Hajee Abdoula. “Ali spent 3 years at ISH between 2005 and 2008 and lived at MTH. He did his Bachelor of Laws (L.L.B) at LSE and was called to the Bar of England and Wales in 2008 before returning to Mauritius. He was very active as a student in London and as a resident at ISH. Amongst others, he was the President of the LSE Student Union Mauritian Society in 2006-2007 and the ISH Law Society Chairman in 2006-2007. He was a Resident Assistant for two consecutive years at MTH. Ali was the winner of the Judge Jeremy Connor Leadership Award in 2007 as well as the winner of two ISH Laurels in 2007 and 2008 respectively. Ali is eager to build the Goats Club, Mauritius.”

If you would like to contact Ali, please email or call (230) 256 2510.


Middle East - Ehab Elsonbaty. “Judge Dr. Ehab Maher Elsonbaty is a senior judge and a member of the civil, and commercial panels of the Egyptian Courts. He is now on secondment to the State of Qatar as a Senior Legal Advisor to the Office of H.H. the Amir, where he is also a a member of the Council of Minster Permanent Committee for legislative Affairs. He is also a certified Arbitrator and mediator. Dr. Elsonbaty holds two Master degrees and a PhD. He lectures on cyber law topics, technology in litigation and Private International Law in various universities. He is a consultant to the ITU, UNODC, UNECA, Council of Europe, and ARADO. Dr. Elsonbaty speaks Arabic, English, Italian and French.”

If you’d like to contact Dr Elsonbaty, his email address is


Dubai, UAE - Amr Ismail. “My name is Amr Ismail and I live in Dubai, UAE. I worked in several administrative, HR and political awareness programs in my home country, Egypt. Also, I’m Alumni ambassador of University of London international programs and UpRising emerging leaders alumni. I would like to assist in establishing an informal social network of Goats in UAE/Middle East. This will help to expand the international network of ISH alumni and keep them connected to their friends and networks and to ISH in London and other clubs around the world.”

To get in touch with Amr, email


India - Vikram Mathur. “Dr Vikram Mathur lived at International Students House in 1981-1982 whilst studying at the University of Westminster.  Over recent years he has very kindly organised and hosted a number of very successful reunions in his home in New Delhi.  Dr Vikram was made a Life Vice President of Goats in 2009 and a Governor of International Students House in 2011.”

To contact Vikram, please email


India - Supriya Sobti. “Supriya is a multimedia journalist with eloquent writing, radio and television broadcast experience (in the newsroom and programming departments of various networks including the BBC and Al Jazeera English) and is also the founder of MOW Productions, a news and television content company based in Mumbai. Supriya’s versatility also lends itself to networking and good PR work and it is her passion for music that led her to organise RAGASTHAN – India’s first holistic destination camp out music festival. She is responsible for Ragasthan’s strategic alliances with local Indian and International governments, organisations and networks. She is also the Vice-Chairperson of the LSE Alumni Association, Mumbai chapter and India’s alumni representative for the University of Westminster. When she is not actively pursuing her passion, Supriya’s basic love of things extends to globe trotting, diving, culinary adventures and live music.”

If you would like to contact Supriya, please email


India - Swati Barnwal. “Swati is a Fellow at Teach for India where she takes care of the education of 75 students studying at a Municipal school based in the slums of Mumbai. She also holds the position of a Fellow Advisor where she has trained more than 300 fellows for the same position. A graduate in Biotechnology from the University of Westminster, London she also holds a First class degree in Music from Pracheen Kala Kendra, Chandigarh.

She is a keen dancer and has won several national accolades which consecutively resulted in the University of Westminster conferring on her the Ken Bird Memorial Full International scholarship to study the three-year undergraduate Biotechnology course. She has been an active member of the Commonwealth Association of Science, Technology and Mathematics Educators and has an experience of teaching Science as well as Mathematics at Newman Catholic College, London. Other than this, she has also worked as a summer intern at Reliance Life Sciences and Cipla Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. Her hobbies include cooking, reading and playing the harmonica.”

If you’d like to contact Swati, her email address is


India - Karnvir Mundrey. “Karnvir is an enthusiastic Goat and lived in ISH between 2003-2004. He is now a Director at Atharva Lifesciences Consulting Pvt. Ltd., a life sciences consulting firm. Atharva helps study the market for national and international clients delivering reports on subjects of Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Marine – Biotechnology, Agri – Biotechnology and Natural Medicine. Karnvir has had a number of assignments, both national and international. He was, and continues to be a Director at Consultants Combine Pvt. Ltd and was the Vice President, at a biotech firm based in Bangalore, India. He was an associate at a private equity advisory firm in London and the Business Development Manager – European Operations, of a London based IT firm.

 Karnvir has a BA from Delhi University, an MBA from Bombay University and an MSc from the London School of Economics. He has been involved in a number of activities with the government of India and international governments to help shape a progressive and inclusive biotech policy. Karnvir likes sports and is interested in sailing, skiing and squash. He is married and lives in Bangalore, India.”

If you would like to contact Kanvir, please email


India, Mumbai - Khushaal Talreja. “Khushaal Talreja completed his Master’s Degree in Marketing & Communications at Westminster Business School with a diploma in Digital Marketing. He lived at MTH from 2014-2016 and was a student scholarship representative at ISH in 2015. After graduating and leaving ISH, Khushaal worked at Buckingham Palace, and then returned to India where he became the Co-Founder of Project Saarthi and now leads the Marketing team at LitmusWorld, a technology start up in Mumbai.”

Email address –


Belgium - Nahyd Meskini. “I am Nahyd Meskini. I used to live at ISH and I also worked there as a receptionist at the front desk. I come to London around 3 times a year to say hello to my former colleagues and to stay at ISH. Although I am back home in Brussels for good, London remains my favorite place in the world and my ISH colleagues and friends are like my extended family, I cannot live without them! As ISH offered a lot (good friends, a good accommodation and a nice job to finance my studies), I think that now it’s time to me to contribute and to promote the Goat Alumni Association of ISH.”

To get in touch with Nahyd, email her at


Kenya - Melvin Obadha.  “I lived at GPS for a year while studying an MSc in Global Health and Development at UCL. It was the best time of my life. ISH was a global community with residents from more than 100 nationalities. I made friends from all corners of the globe. From the United States to China, United Kingdom to Latin America, from the Caribbean to the South Pacific. The diversity at ISH was amazing. It’s enabled me to appreciate different cultures and helped me see things from an angle I never thought possible. I was able to network with brilliant residents and ISH members of staff.

I am currently based in Kenya working in health research that aims to provide solutions to accessing health care without any financial hardships. For anyone planning to stay at ISH, don’t think twice. You will experience the greatest days of your life. Sometimes, I wish I could do it all over again.”

To get in touch with Melvin, his email is


Trinidad & Tobago - Ayana Gloudon. "I lived at MTH from August 2007 to August 2008. It was my first time living away from home. I am by nature an adventurous person, much to the trepidation of my mother. The newness of it all - the culture, the weather, and, most importantly, the mix of people from all over the world - were all exciting to me. By the time reality and homesickness stepped in, I had already established a very supportive circle with a range of degrees of experience with being away from home for lengthy periods and particularly with settling into life in London. This is what I loved about my ISH experience. Some call it a hostel, but for me it became a home. The activities and events help, yes, but it's amazing how the love and warmth just automatically comes out of the woodwork once you step inside. From the office staff, to the residents, even the Duty Managers, who became a special source of comfort and friendship.

I return to ISH every time I am in London, just to see what familiar faces still roam the halls. I am still in touch with everyone I met there, and always make sure to let them know if I am in their area. It is my pleasure to now serve as an Ambassador for this great organization, so I may further advance the agenda of providing a place of comfort to international students in London. I work at The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine campus in Trinidad and Tobago. Please feel free to reach out if ever in my area."

To get in touch with Ayana, her email is