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The Neighbourhood

London’s huge. We know. But the actual centre is pretty manageable; you can walk around easily too.

Piccadilly Circus, the West End, Chinatown, Soho, Camden - all the scenes of London in movies are right here. Living in ISH gives you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make the centre of a major world city your own neighbourhood. Learn all the local secrets, independent venues and underground favourites that give our city its soul. London gets under your skin.

"I love that everything is within reach - a short walk and you’re in London’s famous Soho and Chinatown areas. I loved exploring the city and finding hidden little gems like second-hand book shops and amazing buildings"

Alexandra, Romania.

ISH is located right in the middle of London. We’re a short walk away from major universities and have a park, two Tube stations and a 24/7 shop right outside. Even though we’re in the heart of one of the global capitals, the streets are fairly quiet. This is London for Londonders - think small shops and markets rather than huge queues and tourist attractions everywhere.

"It’s fantastic that ISH is so close to Marylebone High Street. There are so many cute shops there, it’s really pretty and the market is great for buying cheap food!"

Hubert, France.

Right outside is fairly quiet (by London standards) but there’s so much to do when you get out there. Oxford Street’s a world-famous shopping area and home to the BBC building - it’s ten minutes away on foot. Regent’s Park is right across the road and has huge open spaces, sports pitches, a canal to walk or run along and a zoo to visit. Plus, the influx of people from all over the world to London has given us lots of good neighbourhood restaurants that won’t bankrupt you.

"We’re super close to Oxford Street and Regent’s Park, so you can get the big city lights or quiet nature whenever you want. There’s so much good food too!"

Zuzanna, Poland.

Pubs are as common as Pret in London, and you’re almost guaranteed to learn your way around them during your time here. The pub can be a confusing or intimidating place, full of weird social rules that nobody understands and drinks you haven’t seen before. Don’t worry. Find some friends, head out exploring and ‘buy a round’ for everyone.

"One of London's finest pleasures is the ready availability of pubs that offer - rain or shine - good food, good beer, and a good atmosphere."

Liam, UK.